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Kids bedroom

Unlike adults, kids spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. They not only sleep there but also play, do their homework, and socialise. Kids bedrooms are different depending on their users' age, needs and personalities. You can create a unique set of storage solution that would be ideal for the specific stage that your child is at, whether it's a nursery or a teenager's room that you are thinking of transforming. Komandor offers a full range of made to measure storage systems including wardobes as well as other custom made free standing furniture pieces.Our dedicated designers will be able to advise you clever space saving ways of utilising every inch of the room making sure every toy, book, and sock will have its place.

That is why Komandor kids furniture is made fully bespoke, listening to your child's needs. It is much easier to tidy up a room when they know every items' dedicated place.

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